Friday, March 16, 2012


One might think that the drive between Fort Collins and Kansas City may eventually seem shorter to those so accustomed to traversing it. The reality is that the human mind cannot simply gloss over the abysmal void of shittiness that is the I-70 through Kansas. It will forever remain a 400+ mile expanse reminding even the most seasoned traveler that death is impending, inevitable, and most unforgiving.

Seemingly moments before these thoughts took permanent root in our minds, we arrived at the famous Club Mustache in midtown Kansas City; a second home of sorts for us. Nary a foot was set on the groud before we were taken into Bent Left's tour steed and carted across town to an indoor sports...uhh... place... of sorts. Anyhow, the guys in Bent Left and a bunch of their friends play in an indoor soccer league on a team called The Deersharks, and us along with about 20 of their loud mouthed drunk friends were to form a peanut gallery to cheer them on. The ensuing matchup featured our boys clad in snazzy matching blue uniforms against a team adorned in whatever they happened to be wearing that day, most of which happened to be white shirts, so let's call them the White Guys (though it should be noted that the 'white guys' were almost uniformly of latino descent). So against our admittedly culturally-skewed expectations, the white guys on team Deersharks dominated the Latino guys on Team White Guys a blistering 12-0. The shame of being ruthlessly dominated by a pack of barely functioning alcoholics must have been compounded absolutely by the cackling, howling, and obscenity-peppered screaming of the makeshift drunk fan club we gladly belonged to. And presto! With the speed with which we arrived, we set off again back toward Club Mustache, leaving the befallen White Guys in a cologne of shame and accumulated ball sweat mist.

The show was, as expected, another great testament to why we haven't any reason to stray from playing dingy basement shows. Great sets from Iowa's Strong City, Lawrence Kansas' The Rackatees, and local sensations The New Lost souls. Good times, great oldies.

A quick note on professionalism for the aspiring touring musician: Before heading out on tour, you should probably make sure that you have the adequate number of tshirts, so that you don't have to spend your entire morning scambling to print some more after only one show, which for those curious, is what we're doing right now.


Yeah, it was like this for 8 hours. Jealous?

Thanks to our boy Dave Williams for taking pictures and selling merch until he is too bored/drunk to do either.

No haikus this time. Picture puzzles instead! Solve all 6 and get... erm... something!

HINT: Both Tim and Brian are reading it.

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